White Marble Carving Mandir

Dimension:- 7 x 8 x 2.5 (l x b x d)
Material- Vietnam White
Colour:- White
Surface Finish:- Smooth
Resistant:- Water/Fire/Stainfree/Termite
Thickness:- 17 mm
Special Feature:- Milky White Colour



Looking for a marble mandir design matched with the white interior theme of your home or office? A white marble carving mandir is the right bet for your dream home. The marble mandir has a milky white colour that brings peace and looks elegant. The speciality of the white marble carving mandir is its finely carved pillars and dome.  

Marble Art Studio takes pride in carving intricate marble mandirs. Our skilled team is experts in crafting the exact design you dream of having in your home or office regardless of your requirement. We design white marble carving mandirs in various sizes and shapes.


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