Semi Precious Stone Marble Fire Place

Size: 4 x 5 x 2 (H x W x D) Customisable
Thickness: 18 mm
Surface: Finish Smooth
Material: Semi Precious Stone



Marble has an excellent heat tolerance, making it a suitable material for the fireplace, be it a wood-burning, gas or electric. Semi precious marble fireplace is free from stains, cracks and chips. This is considered the most preferred choice among other types of the fireplace. So are you ready to install a semi precious marble fireplace in your home or office? Marble Art Studio is the solution. 

We are the fastest-developing firm in India, which is professional in manufacturing and delivering stone artwork products all over the globe. Semi precious marble fireplaces designed by us are finely crafted, qualitative and affordable. Our experienced team will provide you with full service. Contact us to order now!


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