Semi Precious Inlay Work

Size: 8 x 8 (l X b) (Customisable)
Finish: Smooth
Thickness: 6 mm
Material: Semi Precious
Polish: Diamond Polish



Semi precious inlay work is a delicate and protected artwork crafted by highly skilled craftsmen. The finely crafted intricate designs adorn the entire atmosphere of residential or commercial space. Artisans make variant designs inspired by flowers, leaves and different geometrical schemes to bring uniqueness to the look. The colours of these patterns are so bright that anyone can engage in an instant.

Marble Art Studio is specialised in creating one-of-a-kind semi precious inlay work with white marble. Using the exclusive designs, we can give your space an eye-catching look. If you want to bring a charming style to your space, we can transform your space into a bold and beautiful one.


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