Resin Art

Dimensions:- 8 x 4 (L x B) Customisable
Thickness:- 8 to 12 mm
Material:- Resin



Swirly, fluid, and beautiful, resin art makes an enchanting focal point. No wonder resin art has become a trend in interior decor. Today, resin art is used extensively in walls, table tops, flooring, painting and even jewellery. Resin is a viscous liquid made from natural and artificial substances.

If you are looking to switch your residential or commercial decor but do not want to splurge on expensive replacement, give a nod to resin art for paintings, wall panels, and table tops. You can achieve a unique and intense look by pouring multiple refreshing colours on a single surface. From designing to delivering and installing, Marble Art Studio can do everything. Contact us now! 


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