Natural Onyx False Ceiling

Size:- 8 x 4 (H x B)
Thickness:- 12mm
Material Type:- Natural Onyx
Surface Finish:- Smooth
Shape:- Rectangular



Natural stone comes in very handy in interior design and decoration. Onyx is a finely grained and beautiful stone, which brings gorgeous patterns and designs for false ceilings. Natural onyx false ceiling at the entrance of your home or office adds an extra eye-catchiness. Typically combined with materials like stainless steel, dark wood, and glass, natural onyx false ceiling can pump up the appearance of sites like living rooms, bedrooms, drawing rooms, conference rooms, etc.

At Marble Art Studio, we bring value to your area by installing high-end natural onyx false ceilings. Our professionals can manage to accomplish customers’ demands without compromising the quality. Request a quote now!


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