MOP Inlay Work

Size: 10 X 3 (l x b) (Customisable)
Finish: Smooth
Thickness: 6 to 8 mm
Material: Mother of Pearls



Keen for luxury home decor design? MOP (Mother of Pearl) inlay work symbolises royal decor. MOP inlay can be used to create walls, floorings, tables and other home decor items. With the beautiful shining and playful art, the MOP inlay work can highlight the nook and cranny of the space. Made of multiple colours and designed by talented craftsmen, this artwork can definitely add value to your space.

We can deliver top-notch MOP inlay work, which is famous for exceptional finishing and smooth texture. Marble Art Studio is comprehensively engaged in delivering a wide variety of MOP inlay work to homes, buildings, offices, complexes, bungalows, villas, etc. Explain your design to us, and we can customise the pattern per your requirement!


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