Makrana White Mor Pankh Inlay Mandir

Dimension:- 8 x 5 x 2 (l x b x d)
Material- Makrana White
Colour:- White
Surface Finish:- Spotted
Resistant:- Water/Fire/Stainfree/Termite
Thickness:- 18 mm
Special Feature:- Long Lasting



Makrana white or pankh inlay design is one of our best products. If you are looking for a uniquely designed marble pooja room to complement your interior, more pankh inlay mandir can do it. The more pankh carved at the back of the mandir gives your area an appealing touch. 

Marble Art Studio is a well-reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of artwork in India. We are known for carving high-quality white marble mandirs that fit everyone’s pocket. So do not worry about your budget when thinking of installing a marble mandir because Marble Art Studio will fit your pocket well.


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