Makrana Marble Carving Painting Mandir

Dimension:- 6 x 6 x 2 (l x b x d)
Material- Makrana Marble
Colour:- White
Surface Finish:- Spotted
Resistant:- Water/Fire/Stainfree/Termite
Thickness:- 18 mm
Special Feature:- Long Lasting



Marble in the mandir room exudes peaceful serenity and pristine elegance ━  the same attributes we seek in the mandir area. Makrana marble carving painting mandir has unrivalled beauty. The detailed golden carving on the mandir makes it stand out from other marble mandirs. The inlay design makes the mandir decoration complete. 

If you want to create a beautiful ambience in your home or office, a marble mandir with painting is one you should count on. Marble Art Studio has experts who deliver intricately designed mandir, completely made with pure white marble. Our products are affordable, durable and exclusive. Contact us for more details!


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