Luxurious Semi Precious Staircase

Size:- Customisable
Thickness:- 10 – 18 mm
Material Type:- Gem Stone
Surface Finish:- Smooth



Semi precious stones can add a unique character to any space. When it comes to decorating your staircase area, semi precious stones give a luxurious look to your home. With unique designs and patterns, semi precious staircase can highlight your home or office. The durability, finishing and detailing of the semi precious staircase are high-end.

Do you want to install a luxurious semi precious staircase in your residential or commercial area? Marble Art Studio will take care of it. From design and material to delivery and installation, we can take complete care of your staircase. Our artisans manage to give an aesthetically appealing look to your home while meeting the weight, height, specifications, and material requirements.


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