Corian Mandir With Round Pillar

Dimension:- 8 x 6 x 2 (l x b x d)
Material- Aclyric Solid Surface
Colour:- White
Surface Finish:- Smooth
Resistant:- Water/Fire/Stainfree/Termite
Thickness:- 12 mm
Special Feature:- Round Pillar



Corian mandir always sets your place out of the crowd. If you have open space dedicated for pooja, there can be no better option than the Corian mandir with the round pillar. The round pillars of the Corian mandir will give your space an appealing look. A mandir with a round pillar will look rich and elegant and be considered safe as well. 

Marble Art Studio holds expertise in designing smooth and detailed finished Corian mandirs with round pillars. All the round pillars are carved so finely that they grab the attention of your guests in no time. The design of the mandir created by Marble Art Studio will fascinate everyone.


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