Corian Mandir With High End Design

Dimension:- 8 x 5 x 2 (l x b x d)
Material- Aclyric Solid Surface
Colour:- White
Surface Finish:- Smooth
Resistant:- Water/Fire/Stainfree/Termite
Thickness:- 12 mm
Special Feature:- Embossed Design, 3D, Oval Design



Corian mandir with high-end design is another product of Marble Art Studio. If you want to make your holy place serene, a Corian mandir with a high-end design would be the right choice for your home or office place. Golden detailed work on the white colour stone makes it a highlighted interior item in your space. 

Marble Art Studio brings out-of-the-box designs. Our skilled and trained craftsman makes sure to create it with utmost precision. The best part is we can customise the temple based on the customers’ requirements. Just tell us your dream design, and we will add the spiritual touch to the same design while meeting your requirements.


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