Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) Washbasin

Dimension:- Customisable
Thickness:- 6 to 15 mm
Colour:- As Per Choice
Material- Corian
Finishing:- Smooth



Wondering what can beautify your bathroom and give it a refreshing look? Corian wash basin is the right choice. The acrylic solid surface wash basin is a blend of two-thirds of natural stone and one-third acrylic resin, giving a magnificent look to your bathroom, lobby, kitchen, etc. This product is highly suitable for any interior decor. 

Marble Art Studio has comprehensive experience in designing and installing Corian wash basins. With the help of state-of-the-art tools and in-depth knowledge of expert artisans, we are able to deliver qualitative products to the customers. Besides providing quality, we are also able to manage the product’s cost. Choose acrylic solid surface wash basin designs at the best price!


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