Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) Partition

Dimensions:- 7 x 5 (L x B) Customisable
Thickness:- 12 mm
Material:- Corian
Surface Finish:- Smooth



Separating a large area with partitions is a fashion these days. Acrylic solid surface (Corian) partition matches almost all interior design types, making it the most preferred choice. The solid surface is easy to maintain and water-resistant, making it long-lasting partitions for homes, offices, or other places. 

Marble Art Studio deals in acrylic solid surface partitions that are versatile in design and best in quality. Our partition products set your room or other areas highly identical. They create a unique tuning with furniture and fixtures such as chairs, lighting, lamps, cabinetry, etc. Browse through our exclusive products now!


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