Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) Fire Place

Size:- Customisable
Thickness:- 18 mm
Surface Finish:- Smooth
Material:- Corian



You may have dreamed of having a beautiful home. A gorgeously carved fireplace can help you to accomplish your dream look. Acrylic solid is the right material to beautify your fireplace. The fireplace’s surface is smooth, easy to clean and durable, so you do have to worry about its maintenance. A beautifully crafted acrylic solid surface (Corian) fireplace will give a royal look to your area. 

At Marble Art Studio, we have an array of acrylic solid surface (Corian) fireplaces that can help you achieve the perfect fireplace complimenting your home or office decor. Whatever your dream look entails, we will bring life to your vision. Marble Art Studio is the trusted partner helping you transform your surroundings in a new way.


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